I is for…

i I love my garden (or will someday)

Or, the yard that is slowly becoming a garden again. I understand from long-time neighbours that the people who owned the house and sold it to the guy we bought from had an incredible garden. The guy we bought the house from had let it sit pretty much empty for 10 years, as I noted before, and the garden just went. I think neighbours say he maybe arranged for the lawn to be mowed a couple of times a year. You see, he didn’t even live here in the city – or even in Canada. But, that aside, the garden was gone.

Here is the front before we dug up the lawn on the one side:

garden2  Garden1

Here is the dug up lawn


And here is the front with new mulch and pots populated with bright and colourful flowers!

garden7  garden8

We are still fighting weeds, but we have made the front yard look a bit more respectable now. We will probably plant things in front next year after we have made sure the weeds are gone.

In back, I need to finish digging things up and laying my brick border, and then we have several pots of plants, courtesy of my friend the avid gardener, to get things going.

Here is before starting the big dig:

garden3  garden4


And here is after

garden9  garden10


On the side, now that the neighbours there have put up a nice new fence (no pics of that yet…this is the old crappy green fence you see on the right), I am going to set down some raised beds to grow some vegetables.


So, a lot to do this year. I am looking forward to a chunk of time off work this summer to get some things done!

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  1. I was going to ask if you work or not! You seem to have to many projects. It sounds like you enjoy them though. A labor of love?

    • Ah yes…the full time job is my excuse (as well as the marathon training) for why more isn’t done on the house after 2 years. I am also the greatest procrastinator in the universe! But I do like having a lot on my to do list. Sometimes too many things! And I do love this house.

      • I start feeling so guilty when I have too many things on my list that I don’t get to, so I make my list shorter to feel less pressure. The bane of a perfectionist?

      • Replying to your reply above your reply…gotta figure this setting out! I read somewhere recently that you should clean out your to-do list everyday. Either tick items off, delete them, or move them to a more reasonable day (I use a to-do list on my iPhone). It makes me feel good to see the list empty before bed everyday. A fresh start every morning!

  2. Juse as well you ain’t got nuthin else to do, Em … 😐

  3. Looks like it’s going well. you obviously love it already or you wouldn’t be doing all this work.

    scruffy-duck.net // Welsh Bloggers

    • It’s going well (except for a few contractor burps along the way), just slow. But that’s entirely my doing…as I noted, I am the greatest procrastinator that ever lived! Any excuse – work, jogging, blogging, taking pictures. But when I’m working on the house and yard, I do love it!

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