H is for…

h Hallway(s)

There are two main hallways in our house. One long one on the main floor which leads past the den, the dining room and into the kitchen and one longer one upstairs leading from the master bedroom past the spare bedrooms and two bathrooms down to the door that leads nowhere.   Well, it currently leads to the roof (although it’s bolted shut now). It used to be a fire escape back in the care home and B&B days of the house. But now, it’s a door to nowhere that we want someday to make into a window.


The hallways haven’t had a lot done to them. Mainly downstairs, the floor has been refinished. I don’t have a before picture of the floors. There were rugs on the floor that had adhered themselves to the floor leaving them in such a mess that we had to refinish them.


And also we had the holes left by the electricians dry-walled over, and the ceiling too, which you can see.

hallway4  hallway7

hallway5  hallway6

The wall used to have wallpaper on it, which I’ve stripped. Haven’t gotten around to painting yet. Stupid, I know. We did discover that the walls are layers and layers of painted over wallpaper, so I wasn’t going to paint over yet another layer, but it means there is a lot more prep than other walls have…sigh…

hallway1  hallway2


We also found a cool vintage light fixture for the hallway!


Upstairs, there was a similar deal, except that the floors had ugly green carpet stapled to them, and the floors underneath looked pretty unfinished, so we had to refinish them.


Again, walls needed to be patched, and we had the ceiling skimmed to get rid of the popcorn ceiling and the holes in it. No wallpaper up here. I believe all the walls upstairs, except for the office, are drywall.

hallway13 hallway14

hallway15 hallway16

Someday we’ll paint. We do at least have colours picked out (sort of…)

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  1. Painting is secondary to getting rid of that … ewww… wallpaper… 😉 You did a great job on the downstairs floors.

    • They did turn out well, although we can’t take personal credit. We did find a fantastic floor refinisher though! And yes: wallpaper – eww! Wait until I get to M is for Master Bedroom!

  2. The trials of refurbishing a listed house, Emily – they never bloody END ! Still, you two are most definitely making headway, no doubt about it. Congratters, old bean !

  3. I like the floors a lot but not so much wall paper. But the house does look fascinating and I bet there is some interesting stories in it,

    • Yeah – I’m not much for wallpaper either, although wallpaper was pretty common in houses when this one was built. It’s the one original feature I DON’T want back and all the wallpaper in the house is almost gone now. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Great job on your hallways, they look really good. Shawn from Laughing at Life 2

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