My run today

A beautiful morning awaited me when I got out of bed this morning, fueled up a little (after feeding the little monsters, of course) got into my running gear, and headed out for a 10K run. And now that I’m done, I feel great! I did it! I decided to run Sunday morning this weekend, which is always a little dangerous, as it can be easy to have something happen on Sunday that makes excuses easy, so II prefer to get out on Saturday, but I think this weekend worked out well. This morning was nicer than yesterday morning, and I felt better too. And for some reason, this weekend’s morning run was MUCH easier than last weekends. I always find the Saturday/Sunday morning runs hard because I do the rest of my weekly runs after work (it’s still too dark for me in the morning to run before work, and I am also doing other things in the morning, like yoga and meditation, that I don’t want to give up). But I need to run at least one day a week in the morning because all the races I will be doing this year will be in the morning. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, these Saturday morning will start to feel better.

What did I see on my run today?

Well, I’m not sure what was up with all the sailboats, but it was a cool sight.

April6b2014  April6c2014

And then I looked the other way and saw this


On my way through a neighbourhood, there were some interesting tree sculptures:


And then I reached the halfway mark


I always wanted to take a picture of the alligator on the duck pond! Sorry the quality is not great…


And then on my cooldown…


And thus ended my 10K run.

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