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The entrance to our house (built in 1907), which we sometimes call a foyer, and I sometimes (with a chortle in my mind) call the lobby – I’ll tell you why in a second – is what first made me want this house. The wood work I original and floor to ceiling, with a wood burning fireplace next to the little closet under the stairs. And original wood floors (that continue through most of the house). So, today, I thought I would present a photo album of our entrance.

The entrance the day we took possession. Oh, did I mention that we bought this house 2 years ago this month, and that it had been a functioning bed and breakfast? Well, it had been a B&B 10 years previous to our purchasing it. It had been “empty” for 10 years, but not empty in that every room was full of furniture, knick knacks, etc. FULL! You don’t really see the enormity of that in the lobby photos, but take my word for it….FULL (should have done Dining Room yesterday – I’ll find another letter for that later…)

Foyer1  Foyer2

foyer3  foyer4

Oh, and a closeup of the creepy Snow White mirror. We still have this mirror, but now it’s hanging on the inside of the door in the closet under the stairs.


The fireplace (after removing weird dried/fake flower arrangement. There were weird dried/fake flower decorative items all over the house when we bought it. I hate weird dried/fake flower arrangements…) and the fireplace with the hideous candelabra (which is now in the den because hubby loves it)

Foyer6  foyer7

Some shots before we refinished the floors. We had to refinish them because the tape that had held the rug in place, was so stuck to the floor it could not be removed in placed. I spent hours and hours trying to get it off, and finally convinced Kevin that we had to refinish the floors (the living room was even worse, and the hallway worse still, so we just redid them all)

foyer8 foyer9

And after the floors were done – only a few days before we moved in. We took possession of the house April 30, and move in towards the end of August. The house had to be cleaned out, and all the electrical redone, and perimeter drains installed, before we could live in it.


And here is a shot of the foyer the day we moved in.


And here it is today. Apologies for the quality. It’s hard to take photos of this room because it’s so dark. I need to work on my technique!

foyer12  foyer13


And finally, a couple of shots from the foyer into the living room (sneak peek) showing our columns (and yes, the after was Christmas). It’s a little weird living in a house with columns inside…

foyer14   foyer15

I have long wanted to present a series of images of our house, room by room, befores and afters. A few weeks ago I presented some before and after shots of our office that I just painted. So now I am thinking that some of the letters for this challenge might work well for this, so stay tuned!

I confess though, I was actually planning another E word for today – something related to my planned long run. But I was not feeling up to a long run today and will be completing it tomorrow (Sunday) morning instead, so this weekend will be a double blogging extravaganza (another E word.) Until tomorrow…

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  1. This would be a dream house for me and a house of horrors for my husband, and yes, we are that opposite. He would love the wood, hate the era of the house, and I just think it’s all fantabulous! (yes that’s a word)

    • We don’t always agree on it either. We both love the era and the charm and the wood, but my hubby is frequently overwhelmed by the ongoing work that will never be done. While I am just happy getting done what I can when I get around to it (procrastinator that I am!) And, yes, fantabulous is a word!!

  2. All that wood is simply scrumptious! I like how the kitties have made the lobby their place. I’m looking forward to seeing more rooms… Oh and I think the columns inside are really cool!

    • The columns are kind of cool – and we have columns on the outside on the porch and back stairs too! As for the kitties, they consider it their house for sure.

      • Ok, so when the kitties run around the house doing “crazy cat” do they slip on the wood floor? I love it when that happens with the dog… 😉

      • I have to reply above because for some reason I can’t reply to replies of replies…but, yes. The hard wood floors I think take more of a beating with the kitties claws than they ever wood with dogs! But is it fun to watch…

  3. I love old houses. Look at all that beautiful wood! How many rooms?
    I used to have dreams of being lost in a big old house like that.

    • Hi! Well, there is a living room, den, dining room, kitchen, pantry and bathroom on the main floor, and then 4 bedrooms and 3 baths upstairs, and then there is a basement that needs to be completely redone, but is also quite large. Pretty silly considering there is just me, hubby and 4 cats! You can get lost sometimes…

  4. I’ve always wanted a lobby for my house. 🙂 Love the wood.

  5. Wow, makes me want to see the whole house! 🙂

  6. Love it all, Em – and finally I understand all that about dadoes and so forth. What a FASCINATING challenge for you both ! Chic would’ve drooled over the possibilities; hope Kevin is doing so. 🙂

  7. I love old houses—the woodwork is lovely—although I shiver at the amount of work. I enjoyed your photos and your story of the house. Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!


  8. Our hardwood floors have taken quite a beating from kitty claws as well. We have a Queen Anne Victorian built in 1900. Columns are so very 1907, and gorgeous. I scrolled all the way back here to “tour” the house, so I’m just getting started even though the A-Z Challenge is over.

    Jean, visiting for the A-Z Challenge from Rantings and Ravings of an Insane Writer

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