F is for…


But first…My run today was originally supposed to be 40 minutes, but because I had to go to the symphony with mom and dad tonight, I opted for a shorter run today and will run 30 minutes tomorrow. It’s all about being flexible and still getting the runs in! And it was once again a lovely sunny run! Time to ditch the jacket I think!

Now, back to the Theme. So, the “F” word for today is Fireplaces…of which we have 5!

Living Room


Living room before


Living room after   Living room after



Foyer before


Foyer after

Dining Room


dining room before

After (not much different…)

dining room after



den before


den after

Master Bedroom


Master bedroom before


Master bedroom after

If we ever move, I don’t know how we can ever live in a house with less than 5 fireplaces!

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  1. After all that effort, Em, I somehow can’t see you guys moving …

  2. Do you use them all? They are all very beautiful. I like all the tile/brick (?) insets.

    • We do use the one in the living room quite frequently, and sometimes the one in the dining room when we have people for dinner. Technically we’re not supposed to use them at all – they are old coal burning fireplaces (the one in the foyer is wood burning, the rest are coal), and not certified. We only burn the fake logs in them, so hopefully we won’t start any larger fires (and they were all cleaned and checked out when we bought the house…) And they are all the original tile around the hearths (except the foyer is brick). Interesting story: they are all kit fireplaces from Sears. I guess they sold fireplace kits back in the day (along with house kits too!).

  3. We have four in our house and would love to find some inserts like yours. Ours are also coal but someone burned wood in them some time in the past and screwed things up. One chimney has been chopped off in the attic, but the other is technically functional. All our fireplaces need significant work before they could be used for anything other than decoration.

    Jean, visiting for the A-Z Challenge from Rantings and Ravings of an Insane Writer

    • We always find stuff like this on our local Used online listing (here it’s Used Victoria). We were really lucky the fireplaces are all basically intact, especially considering the various incarnations the house has gone through.

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