Blogging from A to Z Challenge: J is for… (#AtoZChallenge)

Welcome to my April 2021 Great and Powerful Blogging from A to Z Challenge!

I’ve revealed my theme (Photos and Stories), and once again, in spite of the best laid plans (who am I kidding, there were no plans, only aspirations) I am going to be blogging my theme letters on the fly.  So, here goes nothing!

Today, J is for Java Machine Extraordinaire! We do love our fancy coffees. This is the second espresso machine we’ve owned. The first one we had for about ten years I think, and used it every day, except for the few times it had to stay overnight at the coffee maker repair place.  It was our friend. But then came the day we decided it was time to upgrade. We had no trouble finding our old friend a home, and this new one is fabulous. Automatic everything. Kevin can have easy lattes every day, and me, well I confess I pretty much stick to the Americano that just fits my favourite mug, as I related in my C is for post.

But occasionally I venture into the unknown and try one of the sixteen or so different options, well maybe not that many, but there are many and each one allows for different coffee strengths, different amounts of water, and different temperatures. The sky’s the limit if you aren’t afraid to fly!

Frothy goodness…

Thanks for visiting my 2021 A to Z Challenge – Letter J.  You can find links to more blogs participating in this challenge at A to Z 2021 Challenge Master List (Google Docs).

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  1. Makes me want to toss my ‘just a regular coffee maker’ right now! I would make a cappuccino every single day.

  2. Looks yummy!

  3. We have a fancy coffee machine too, but maybe not with quite as many options as yours. The one thing I hate is when the light goes on to tell you it need emptied and cleaned out. Why is it always me it does that too? (John might not agree that that is the case).

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