March Writing Prompts, Day 18 – Disappointing disasters

From Putting My Feet in the Dirt, March’s Writing prompts.

Today, “Disappointing disasters”.

I don’t know.  In terms of disasters, would we call this one “disappointing”?  I mean, people are sick and some are dying, businesses are closing and the economy is in the toilet, there are no eggs or chicken (or toilet paper) in the grocery stores.  But (so far) there have been no riots in the streets, I can still buy coffee and bacon (and wine), and there are no zombies…

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  1. My hubby actually found some chicken yesterday at Walmart. I was super excited. Lol… It’s the littlest things that often get us through the rough times. I’m very thankful there hasn’t been riots or looting. I fear that could be next.

  2. So funny (or not….) you should mention zombies. One of our glorious elected officials said yesterday, “This is not a zombie apocalypse.” You know….in case we all wondered.

  3. All valid high points!

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