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So, this term I am taking another photography class, this one more around composition than technical stuff.  Every week we have a theme – our instructor talks about the theme and shows examples which we discuss.  Then for the next class, we send in photos representing the theme to talk about in the next class.  And so on, and so on…  There are people in this class at all levels of intermediate-advanced, even people who take pictures for actual $$!  So, it pushes me, but is fun at the same time.

I was just sending in my submission for this week, and I thought, hey!  I should share some of this adventure here.

So, the first week was Architectural Abstracts.  So, basically pictures of buildings or building-like things, but abstracted so they are weird and wild and potentially unrecognizable.  I call this “A night at emerg”.

Week 2 was Geographic Plants – looking for shapes and lines in plants, flowers, fruits, veggies, etc.  I call this “The Last Tomato”.

And finally, this week is Vanishing Victoria – pictures of things that are gone, going, or old next to new, etc.  I didn’t get out this week to shoot this specific topic, and today I was not able to go out because of the rain (it is the rainy season after all), so I just sent in a shot from a photo fieldtrip from last March.  I call it “Sentinel”.

If I remember, I will keep posting to show what’s going on in this fun class!

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  1. Yes, please do! This was fun!

  2. Sounds like a fun class and you get to learn at the same time. 🙂

  3. This sounds like fun. I really like the abstract photo. I need to take a class….I don’t know much more than when I bought my camera.

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