RagTag Daily Prompt: Humble

A response in starting over with a new daily avoidance (or non-avoidance, as the case may be), here with the Ragtag Daily Prompt (https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/2019/10/14/rdp-monday-humble/), today is Humble.

Nothing humble about bacon-wrapped turkey thighs stuffed with goat cheese, chorizo, and asparagus with twice-baked potatoes….a Thanksgiving feast for Kevin and me, mom and dad, and friends Darnell and Bill!!

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  1. When you first told me about those, they didn’t sound that appealing, but they look pretty darn good! Were they grilled outside? Hope your day was wonderful! How is your dad doing now, by the way?

    • We did bbq them! And they were yummy 🙂 Dad is doing better. He gets tired more easily these days, but he seems to have recovered from the surgery. Thanks for asking!

      • I thought they looked char-grilled. Perhaps now that the weather has cooled some, I’ll fire up my grill this weekend. The girls got me a new one for my birthday in June, and we’ve only used it once, for it’s just been too hot to feel like grilling outdoors. Glad to hear your dad is doing better!

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