September Writing Prompts, Day 6 – Mythical moonbows

From Putting My Feet in the Dirt (, September’s prompts are here:

And today, the prompt is “Mythical moonbows”.

I should google things more often.  Apparently, a moonbow is “a rare atmospheric phenomenon, produced when sunlight reflected from the moon’s surface is refracted off moisture in the air.”  And there is something called Zambia’s mythical moonbow (, which you can apparently see at Victoria Falls.

I know, I know.  What’s with all this factual nonsense? m Why not a fantastical story about bows tied around the moon by aliens, and only discovered recently.  Why would aliens gift wrap the moon?  Is it an invitation to come up and join the party?  Is it a gift for the overlords who are soon coming to destroy us all?  OK.  I’m out of ideas now.  I do wish I could see those moonbows from our deck though!

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  1. Well, this is creepy good. I like it! Moonbow, eh? Never heard of it before!

  2. yes it has to involve aliens for sure! nicely done, i always enjoy M’s prompts

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