September Writing Prompts, Day 2 – Watermelon snow

From Putting My Feet in the Dirt (, September’s prompts are here:

And today, the prompt is “Watermelon snow”.

Watermelon snow?  Watermelons don’t grow in the snow.  No one eats watermelon in the winter when there is snow on the ground.  But I guess you can have watermelon-flavoured snowcones.  As long as they are made from seedless watermelons, ’cause that would be a not-so-pleasant surprise.  Not that I would be eating a watermelon-flavoured snowcone.  Watermelon is Kevin’s thing, not mine…and Elliot agrees!

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  1. You should try the watermelon sno-cone! I’ve had watermelon ice and it’s yummy … cool and refreshing. But then … there’s peanut-butter/banana smoothies that I’ve just discovered that are to die for. And then … there’s coffee. 😉


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