July Writing Prompts, Day 17 – Battling borborygmus

From Putting My Feet in the Dirt (https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/), July’s prompts are here: https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/2019/07/01/july-2019-writing-prompts/

And today, July 17, the prompt is “Battling borborygmus”

Sure.  Make me have to look up a big long word beginning with B.  I was first going to say that the House, in them there United States, has been battling their orange-coloured borborygmus, but then I discovered that a borborygmus is “a rumbling sound made by the movement of gas in the intestine“.  Oh.  I guess I was right the first time.

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  1. HAHAHA! I learned that word just a few years ago, and I find it to be a bit of onomatopoeia, don’t you?

  2. LOL! 🙂

  3. Oh the look on your kitten’s face! Guess he heard some borborygmas happening! 🙂

  4. You were definitely right the first time!

  5. hahaha, good one!

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