Just Jot it January, 2019: January 20

“Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 20th is brought to you by Jill! Click here to find her last post and say hi while you’re there! Jill’s word for our prompt today is “serendipity.” Use it anywhere in your post or make it the theme of your post. Have fun!” (https://lindaghill.com/2019/01/20/jusjojan-2019-daily-prompt-jan-20th/)  These Jots are not only my 500-words a day challenge, but also part of my  Ultimate Blogging Challenge challenge (http://ultimateblogchallenge.com).

Serendipity.  Finding something good by accident.

I wonder what finding something not so good by accident is called?  You know – the word that describes when you’re walking down the street in a good mood and suddenly step in dog sh%&?  That word.

It was kind of serendipitous we found our house.  We were really interested in a house down the street, but it had an offer on it so we didn’t check it out.  But low and behold there was another house for sale on the street.  We checked it out, and the next thing we knew, here we were (well, not really – it took weeks of negotiating, and then four months of repairs before we moved in…)

Now, to be fair, we were actively looking for another house.  We liked the house we lived in at the time, but the neighbourhood was facing changes we weren’t too happy about.  So perhaps I should call it serendipity-ish.

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  1. Whew! Had to read this again. I thought you were looking for another house now! I was thinking….’After all the work they put into it?’ Second read worked out well….. 😀

  2. Beautiful house!! Is it three stories?

  3. Such a nice house 🙂 The house you thought you wanted led you to the house you REALLY wanted.

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