It’s not Kitten Thursday yet, but what the heck?

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

I was at home yesterday as I was not feeling very well, so the fireplace was on keeping me and kitties warm.






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  1. We often think our dog would climb into the wood burning stove if he could. Looks like your kitty is trying to decide just how close is too close. 🙂

  2. My cat got melted whiskers from our gas fireplace. At our house everyday is kitten day.

  3. Great! I agree, always time for kitty pics. Hope you’re feeling better, Emily <3

  4. One of our cats burnt the tip of her tail by getting too close to a gas fire. Her reaction was to tuck her tail away – and burn her stomach!

    • Yikes!! I do worry about that, but they walk across the stove sometimes and haven’t gotten burned yet…so hopefully they will figure this out too.

  5. Kitten Tuesday–I love it! Hope you feel better, Emily.

  6. Every day should be kitten day!

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