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While the furnace technician fixes our furnace (and yes, it is fixable, he just needs to go and get a new motor and then install it), I thought I would take some pictures of our new cast iron pots.

So, last month the Denby cast iron pot I got a couple of years ago (with a Winners gift card) couldn’t be used any more due to flaking of the enamel coating inside.  Which shouldn’t happen – these things come with a lifetime guarantee!  So, Kevin emailed Denby and we sent them pictures, and they sent us a new pot! A slightly bigger pot too!  This is our new Denby – isn’t it lovely?


As this was happening, we were at the Bay looking around the kitchen stuff, when Kevin asked one of the sales folks if there was a sale coming on Le Creuset pots.  And she said that there would be a 1-day sale on Sunday on specific-sized pots where they would be about 1/3-1/4 of regular cost.  Now, Le Creusets have a good rep and they are always hugely expensive, which is why we never bought one.

The sales person warned us (aside from the fact that only two colours would be on sale) that typically for these sales, people flock in first thing when the store opens and but everything in an hour or two (picking up pots for wedding gifts, etc.).   But that was a pretty huge savings, so at midnight between Saturday and Sunday, Kevin went online and bought one from the online story in black (NOT one of the colours offered by the store).  And then he also went to the store itself later on Sunday to pick up another as a gift – not expecting to find one by then, but miraculously he did!!

This is our new Le Creuset pot.


And here are our lovely new pots together at last!


Looking forward to cooking 🙂

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  1. Nice! I don’t think mine are a notable brand, but I love them all the same. Cast iron and enamelware and stainless steel — I don’t know why people bother with the rest!

  2. I’m jealous! Always wanted a Le Creuset, but they are out of my price range. I am, however, quite content with my 20-year-old Lodge 🙂

    • Us to, but the sale made it worth it!!

      • Great job! Now you will have to post pics of some of the yummy things you make in those pots, so I can be even more jealous! 😀 Actually, I am making veggie-beef soup in my crock pot as we speak. Two things in my kitchen I would risk my life to save in the event of a fire … crockpot and Kitchen Aid stand mixer! 😀

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