A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

It’s cold here.  Well, cold for here.  Yeah, sure, my friends in Regina are going.  Cold, yeah!  Well, it is for us!!  It even snowed yesterday morning, starting just as I was heading out for work.  Man!!


It’s not snowing today, but it is cold – did I say that already?

Jasper doesn’t care – he is happy indoors where it’s … well, at least warmer.




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  1. And those of us elsewhere are like, it “snowed” there yesterday. I don’t think we even notice that as any form of precipitation around here (and I am a LOT further south than Regina!).

  2. That sweet little face!

  3. I love how big his eyes are!! So cute 😊 I guess it’s been snowing a lot in CT, but since I’ve moved to CA the lowest temperature has been like the 60s…it’s weird adjusting, but so far I don’t miss the cold!

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