Three Line Tales – Week 40

This challenge comes from Sonya at Only100Words ( , and here are the rules:

“Write three lines to go with the weekly photo prompt (the photos I use are either royalty-free or I’ve been given permission by the photographer to use them; please credit where appropriate) – sideways interpretation is encouraged. The photo is the launch point – take us wherever you fancy.”


Yeah, Eddie?
Told you that power-cord needed replacing.

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  1. Too funny! It reminds me of some *electrician* friends of David’s and a conversation they had in our closet…that had a moment of, “I thought you turned it off!” just after a loud “POP!”

    They survived…and even reproduced. haha

    Have a great night!

    • Funny you mention “electrician” friends. When we bought our house, we had to rewire the whole thing. The electricians found many examples of what looked to be “my buddy the electrician”‘s work. I’m surprised the house hadn’t burned to the ground years before!

      • I sure hope you’re good to go now that you’ve been rewired!
        The folks in this state evidently were never trained on how to properly set an outlet. Everyone of them here, with a very few exceptions, are mounted upside down. The electrical things we’ve seen here in Texas would have our SC electrician friends pulling their hair out. 🙂

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