NaNoPoblano – Day 6 (November 6): Ah, garlic

Go NaNoPloblano (National Blog Posting Month) ( !  And day 6 of 30 Days of Thankfulness (

What am I thankful for today?  Lots of things that I am always thankful for (family, friend, Kevin, kitties, etc.), but today the spotlight is on:  Garlic.

Why?  I don’t understand the question.



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  1. You really make me laugh, Emily. Thank you. So happy that I found your blog. 😊 Blessings to your week

  2. I remember one Thanksgiving many years ago … when asked what she was thankful for, my then 4-year-old granddaughter said “butter”. We still laugh about that! 🙂

  3. Personally, I am thankful for garlic, too. I love it! Even when it sets my Eustachian tube on fire, I love it. It is a great blood pressure controller. 🙂

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