Completely random

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

It’s Friday, and I am working frantically to re-setup my laptop, having finally brought it home from the laptop doctor yesterday after work.  So, while it’s furiously working away (and I am furiously working away at trying to remember everything that was on it before it got blown away and had Windows 10 completely reinstalled from scratch), here is a completely random picture for your enjoyment.


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  1. Those are pretty! Wishing you luck on the re-set-up. It’s a pain, I know!

    • It’s actually a lot faster these days, what with Adobe Creative Cloud and Office 365. I remember the old, old, old days with dozens of slow floppies struggling to reinstall everything! The good news is that Windows 10 appears to be behaving now – Phew!

  2. Ha ha ha! Love that you posted something so creative and random, as you’re working to fix your computer. That is a great way to look at the brighter side. Have a wonderful weekend, Emily 🙂

  3. Love your completely random…what are they? Buttons? Omg….magnets? (I just laughed at myself.)

    • I actually don’t know – little tiny colourful rock-like things that were on the counter at our coffee place. I took a picture thinking, this would make a good random post!

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