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Yesterday was our annual “Shake Out” event, where we are warned weeks in advance of an earthquake drill, and people hope it’s not raining when they are told to exit the building to stand among cars and under trees as practice for the real thing.


The emergency horns go off, and this appears on everyone’s computer screen – as long as the computer is on (and I will note that it took mine several minutes to appear before my office-mate’s).  Guess this wouldn’t work so well if the power was out…


We were supposed to get under desks, but you know, dirt and sore knees…but there is under the desk!


Then we were told to exit the building, where we quickly lost sight of the person who was supposed to make sure we all got out.  Not sure how safe it would actually be under all those trees…


It was, at least, no longer pissing rain.  A sunny October day!  In the end, it was kind of nice to get out into the sunshine even just for a few minutes.


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  1. Oh my goodness! I forgot about earthquake drills! LOL Used to be a regular feature when I was a girl growing up in California. The Midwest knows of no such thing. But they should! I’m pretty sure St Louis MO is on a fault line. Glad you got to enjoy a little bit of sunshine. 🙂

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