Memories from the weekend

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Since I have been off-line all day, basically, due to my computer crashing from forced Windows 10 updates (and I will have to reformat and reinstall everything tonight as I am operating in Safe Mode, and don’t think my Lenovo will come back on its own…), here are some random pictures I haven’t posted yet from the long weekend.

Wish me luck!





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  1. Sorry to hear about your Windows 10 problems. I’m afraid Windows is becoming less relevant by the year. My next computer will be an Apple where I can do more with editing my photos. Just waiting for this one to die. I have been an IBM PC user since 1981 when I bought the original 2 floppy drive model (no hard disk available at that point). I enjoyed them throughout my business career. Now it is time for them to go.

  2. Sorry about the computer crash. 🙁 Yeah, some computer just can’t handle the Win10 thing. I was on a rampage to make sure it didn’t upgrade my desktop to Win10 because I have too many programs that won’t function on it. Hopefully you’ve been able to work with it.

    The scary zombie guy pic make me “Eek!” lol

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