Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

“For this week’s challenge, share a photo that features H2O; the element of water. Water comes in many different states and guises. From a foggy morning to your favorite watercolor painting, how will you show H2O in a photograph? I look forward to seeing your interpretations.”  (https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/h2o/)

Here is my interpretation of this week’s theme, based on stopping at the car wash on our way to the airport upon learning that the plane our family members were on was delayed.  Well, not so much delayed as broken.  They did get on another working plane and arrived safe and sound!

Anyway, I present:  H2O




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  1. Pretty raindrops. My favourite is the first one.

  2. Great interpretation 🙂

  3. Love these types of raindrop photos.

  4. Awesome. Psst. Don’t tell anyone but I love to take photos in the car wash through the sun roof (its the only time I remember to use it.🙊

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