Share Your World – 2016 Week 38

And now for this week’s Share Your World (

It’s been busy at work, but now I can get back on track with my bloggings.

Are you a hugger or a non-hugger? 

Depends on who’s doing the hugging.  Is it George Clooney????  (or Kevin?) 🙂

What is your least favorite Candy?

Licorice.  Yuck!  Oh, and those awful milk duds.  Who came up with those???

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “fun”?

My ex-colleague and friend Judy!!

List of Favorite Smells: What smells do you love? Whether it’s vanilla scented candles or the smell of coffee in the morning or the smell of a fresh spring rain…make a list of all the things you love for a little aromatherapy.

Bacon.  There should be a bacon perfume – there probably is…where do I get that??  Oh, I’d rather just have the real thing ’cause then I can eat it too…


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  1. Bacon, the smell when its cooking and the taste when its done Y U M!

  2. Yummy photo! 🙂
    I passed Kevin Bacon on the streets of New York once, can you believe it? I’d hug him.
    Blessings to you Emily!

  3. Bacon all the way! I love bacon. I don’t like smelling like a pig after I eat it, but I love to eat it. 🙂 I sure hope the diner that goes with the meal in your photo got more than one piece of bacon.

    Ooh I think licorice is totally disgusting. BLECH!

    Have a great day!

  4. Ha! Kevin Bacon…….!! 😀

  5. Bacon perfume! lol

    Send me all your licorice 😛

  6. David E. McClendon Sr.

    Is it possible to eat only one strip of bacon? If Suzanne had smelled like bacon when we first met, I probably would have followed her home. If we cook bacon, I want the whole pound. I could eat a five pound slab of it, if it is cooked right. Burnt bacon almost makes me want to cry.

  7. Bacon is so good! I like it nice and crispy! 🙂

  8. I forgot bacon on my list! Bacon perfume 😀

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