September 19-Somethin’ Challenge – September 12-19

This is Suzanne’s challenge at , and according to her “This challenge is prompted by the song 19-Somethin’ by Mark Wills. You can hear the song here:   The following questions are taken from the various lines in the song.  There are also a few random questions thrown into the mix to make it a post a day for the month – 30 posts.”

Well, I’m catching up on a week’s worth of posts here ’cause it’s been crazy at work and all I can do when I get home is exercise, make supper, and crash with the kitties.  Crazy I tell you!!  So, now I can catch up.

September 12:  When did you first have a microwave in your home? Were you afraid that it would make you sick or did you embrace this “new” technology?

We had a big microwave early on.  Mom and dad often got the new tech when it came out. I just remember it was big, and nothing got browned when cooked in it.  I don’t remember worrying about getting radiation poisoning….

September 13:  Did any of the men in your family have big sideburns? What did you think of it then? What do you think of it now, looking back?

Yes.  My father.  I have a picture somewhere, but I won’t post it ’cause he might not like it…and mom reads my blog.  🙂

September 14:  Did you get into any of the toy/game crazes, such as the Rubic’s Cube, Polly Pockets, or Cabbage Patch dolls or anything like that?

Not really, well…I don’t really remember.  I had a Rubik’s cube, but I never solved it.  Should have cheated.

September 15:  Did you get into MTV? If not, what was your favorite music-based TV program?

A bit.  For some reason, the one I remember was:

September 16:  Who was your favorite TV character? What did you like about them? Who did you like the least?

Hmmm…not sure.  I liked the guys in Emergency, and Starsky and Hutch (yeah, I know…)  The least?  The blond Carrington wife – what was her name?  Too goody two-shoes for me.  Give me Alexis!

September 17:  Do you remember where you were and/or what you were doing when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded? This happened on 28 January 1986.  Were there any big events going on in your personal life at the time?

Yes.  I came home from university and it was on the news.  I just remember being shocked but realizing that this space exploration thing is a dangerous business.

September 18:  Did you like to roller skate? Did you go to a skating rink or did you skate on the sidewalk/street at home? If you went to the skating rink, did you spend more time skating or socializing?

I went a few times in the 70s.  I was better at it than I was at ice-skating.  I could only ice skate if I had boards to crash into to stop.  Skating on the Ottawa Rideau Canal was hard, since the only way I could stop was to fall on my butt.

September 19:  What was your favorite kind of car when you were young? Did you ever get to have one of your own?

I don’t know.  I’ve always been a bit of a 4×4 girl, and had a Pathfinder for many years.  I am not a fan of sports cars ’cause they feel a bit like death traps. Someday I’ll have another SUV…


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  1. David E. McClendon Sr.

    I knew people who took the cube apart to solve it.

    • Wasn’t taking things apart another question earlier?? Of course, “solving” it meant you could put it back together again 🙂

      • David E. McClendon Sr.

        Yes, that was one of the questions. I don’t know if the people who took them apart ever put them back together.

  2. Thanks for going through and answering all of these questions. Even though your work week was crazy, I hope it was a good one.

    12. I was a bit put off by the no-browning thing with the microwave. I wanted my food to look like it was done, too.

    13. I bet he had cool sideburns. I think it is great that your mama reads your blog. 🙂

    14. I don’t remember ever solving a Rubik’s cube either. I do remember feeling like throwing it across the room out of frustration. haha

    15. I vaguely remember the Take Me On song.

    16. Emergency was cool. I don’t remember much about Starsky and Hutch. The blonde woman on Dynasty, I believe, was named Crystal.

    17. Regarding space exploration being so dangerous, it kind of makes you wonder how they ever landed anyone on the moon, doesn’t it?

    18. I think it is great that you were able to ice skate. I never had the opportunity. There wasn’t an ice rink anywhere around us. I had to use the wall to stop when I was roller skating, too. I never mastered the toe brake thing.

    19. I’ve never been a sports car girl, either. I think the Pathfinders are nice. If I ever have an SUV, and I can’t picture it happening at this point, I would get a Yukon Denali. I have test driven one before. Although it was way bigger than other things I have driven, it was great. I love my Zoomie and get way better gas mileage with it than I would with an SUV, but I wouldn’t drag bottom as much with the Yukon as I do now. What color was your Pathfinder?

    Thanks for joining our 19-Somethin’ challenge! Have a blessed day!

    • Ah yes…Crystal. I guess I could have Googled it, but I knew someone would know! As for the ice skating, there isn’t much else to do outside as kids when it’s -40. Funny. -40 didn’t seem as cold back then as it does now!

      • I’ve never been anywhere where it was that cold. I don’t think that anywhere I’ve ever been ever gets that cold. I’ve never been out of the South. 🙂 I can imagine hair freezing and breaking off with it that cold. How did you stand it? How was it safe to go outside, even in a coat, at that low temperature?

  3. I absolutely love Take On Me by A-ha even though I wasn’t even born when it came out. My dad used to play it when my sister and I were younger.

  4. I watched some of the Dynasty shows, but my favorite back then of the night time soaps was Knots Landing, and Dallas. 🙂

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