A walk, a finished hallway, and kitties

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/pleasure/

Today is a holiday.  Yes, I’m still on vacation (back to work on Monday…sigh…), but today is July 1st, which means, given that I live in Canuck-land, it is a HOLIDAY!!  And possibly we will be seeing fireworks tonight, if it doesn’t rain.  It would be nice if it rained, but maybe it could rain now, and then clear up for fireworks??

Anyway, yesterday I walked around the ‘hood.  I am starting to prepare a series of posts about the area I live in, and wanted to get a few shots to get me started.  These are not those shots, but are some things I felt like taking pictures of while I was out and about.

Gnarly flowers


One of my favourite houses


A German or Austrian club?  Can’t remember now…


These are blooming early this year!


Cornerstone of a building (now a restaurant) I have to find out more about


Lamp next to above cornerstone


Random apartment building with mascot


The end of a happy walk


And I also finished painting the upstairs hallway.  It only took a year to finish, and I still have touch-ups to do (since I’m a messy painter), but the hard part is finally done!


And finally, a few kittens for your day



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  1. Fabulous! This week marks two years since I STARTED on the back hallway! lol
    I hope to finish this weekend, only time will tell 😉

    • It’s been over two years since I started on the main floor hallway!! Let’s see who finishes first 🙂

      • Ahaha! Okay. Should I tell you I only have one coat of paint left to go? 😛

      • I will too! Be aware that my finishing the hallway is completely dependent on Kevin finishing the “prep”, which I consider to be done, but he does not. Therefore he is in charge of finishing prep to his satisfaction before I paint…

  2. She is so like my last cat Zimba who died quite a few years ago 🙁

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