A day of plan B’s

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/companion/

Yesterday was a comedy of trying to go places that we couldn’t get to. Mom and dad and my Aunt first tried to go to Government House to look at the gardens.  There was an “event” going on there, and while we could have walked around, there was no parking for blocks!  So, we shelved that activity and decided on Plan B – take a short walk around the Castle (that’s Craigdarroch Castle – https://thecastle.ca/ –  for those who don’t know Victoria).  We didn’t go in (for oh, so many reasons…) but the outside lends itself well to photo-taking folks like my Aunt and I.



We then drove up to Church and State winery for lunch, but discovered that, while the tasting bar was open, the Bistro was…wait for it… CLOSED!!  Ok then.  Plan B for lunch.  A quick drive back towards the city and we hit the Fireside Grill.



A little Cioppino for mom, dad and Aunt…


And a lamb burger (no bun) for me (’cause I’m a sucker for fries!).


Let’s all say “YUM” now!!


Then I drove everyone back to the city, dropped mom and dad and Aunt off, and headed home.  But instead of going straight home, I thought “Plan B!” – I’ve always wanted to visit the Chinese Cemetery (http://oldcem.bc.ca/cem_ch.htm), and it was on my way home, so…


It’s a very restful place.



And finally, home…


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  1. Aww…that last picture. I’m a sucker for little pink noses.

  2. Oh boy! I’ll be havin some cioppino, thanks! 😛

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