Another walk – two days in a row…whoo hoo!!

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

So, I got another walk in yesterday morning.  No reason I shouldn’t have, since I’m on holidays :-).

I didn’t take as long a walk yesterday ’cause I had to take two of the kitties to the vet early in the afternoon.  No, nothing wrong with them, it was just time for their vaccinations and a bit of a check-up.  Yesterday was Elliot and Jasper, today is Nicholas.

Why two trips?  Because what do I do, juggle two carriers?  Put all three in one?  First of all, this would be 18+ KG of kitties, but more to the point is that there would be a major cat fight between Elliot and Nicholas – who hate each other – with Jasper in the middle.  Ah, dysfunctional cat families…  And since our vet no longer works weekends, Kevin can’t get away to come with us.  So, two trips it is!

Anyway, I digress.  Here are a few things I saw on my walk.  I know, same old ocean, but it was a calmer day and a couple of different vantage points.  And I also did a bit of a jaunt through the neighbourhoods, checking out flowers and oddities along the way.
















And here are Elliot and Jasper later in the day.  They were NOT happy, but survived and are relieved to be home again.

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  1. I love these. The photographs very much remind me of Block Island, RI, a favorite place for my husband and I to visit. The cairns on the beach, the roses, the steps descending bluffs to the ocean. Is this New England, or some other lovely location.

  2. These remind me of The Marginal Way in Maine.

  3. Such lovely sights along your walk! It makes me long to go somewhere along the sound or the straight.

  4. Very pretty walk. If looks could kill I would fear for you after that last photo.

    • It was funny – the second I let them out into the house, they were fine. No hard feelings at all! Hope I don’t find a little “present” under the bed someday…

  5. Hah! I usually have little helpers to take all the cats to the vet, but you’re right, two trips is better if you have to go it alone! 🙂

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