Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge 2016 Week 24

For this week’s Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge, 2016 Week 24 (https://ceenphotography.com/2016/06/12/cees-odd-ball-photo-challenge-2016-week-24/)

Here’s a few oddballs from the past week or so.

Birds decidedly NOT welcome.


Not sure how offices can be “in session”… (note that this sign is in a post-secondary institution).


And another sign, also in said post-secondary institution where you expect people should understand the importance of being clear when writing instructions.


Ok, I just thought this was cool…


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  1. Your signs are so very funny, especially the door. 😀

    • I laughed out loud, especially at where these were located (outside the HR offices at work) – I won’t go into more, but given some of the things going on, the signs struck me as highly ironic.

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