And it begins…

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Guess what?  The weekend is over and I’m officially on vacation!!

I first need to mention here that we spent a bit of time yesterday picking cherries off our cherry tree.  It is an impossible task this year.  SO many cherries, and most of them WAY too high to get at, which will make the crows and squirrels and raccoons very happy.  We did, however, get 4 containers of them (2 seen here) and one of them went to dad and mom for their snacking pleasure.  Don’t know how we are going to get any more.  It’s crazy this year!


Yesterday mom and dad had us over for dinner to celebrate Kevin’s birthday (which isn’t until next week, but my aunt will be visiting then, and mom wanted something special for Kevin).  I, of course, took pictures of dinner. Dad couldn’t figure out why I was taking all these pictures of food, but I explained to him that I had a blog which, of course, did nothing to make him stop shaking his head and rolling his eyes.

Here are a few highlights from dinner:








Now, I am going to throw on some walking clothes and get out for a nice long walk with my little point and shoot.   Then I’ll probably clean the house. A little something for me, and a little something productive!

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  1. You have an overabundance of Ranier cherries? I sooooo wish I was your friendly neighbor. 😉 Have a great time on vacation, whatever you do.

  2. Typical man, no understanding for blogging food photos. I do it constantly. Mr. Swiss is used to it, he just eats it, knowing that it is embellished in a blog forever.

  3. Loved the pictures of the cherries. Grew up with 2 trees in my back yard. We always pick cherries this time of year, unfortunately we would also lose some because we went on vacation every year In June. Great post.

  4. Mmm that food looks amazing! (It is my dinner time 😋)

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