Let the vacation begin!!

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So, yesterday was the last work day before, wait for it, … Vacation!!  Surprise everyone 🙂

It was a busy day at work, and then after work some old work friends (4 of us from the previous place of employment, at which only one of us remains) met for drinks and a little food action.  A nice way to kick off the holidays.  Oh, and by the way, I have completely turned off the work email.  Yep – not on the emPhone, not on the emPad, and not on the computer.  NO work email for 3 weeks!!

Anyway, after work we decided to go here:


I got there first, and found a table in the back.  I was quickly told the ENTIRE back area was booked for a function.  So, I wandered and asked about a couple of empty tables, and was told they were reserved, but there were tables on the second level.  So, went to sit upstairs but, after one of my friends arrived, we were told that the ENTIRE upstairs was ALSO booked for a function.  I think they need to talk to each other.  Not impressed, especially since no one in the place seemed particularly fussed that this had happened, nor was anyone interested in helping us find a place to sit, we left.  And ended up here:






After a nice evening, we all went our separate ways, me home to kitties and Kevin for a little late night BBQ ribs dinner.

This is how happy Jasper was to see me…

June102016a June102016b

And now, I must begin my Saturday which will include trying to start catching up on all the blogging I missed out on ’cause this was such a crappy week (over all – some good things happened too, but it was pretty exhausting…), as well as having dinner with friends.  Looking forward to that 🙂

Let the holidays begin!!

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  1. i bet you got your cumin fix 😛

  2. Haha! Oh, Jasper–do contain yourself, honey!

  3. So happy your vacation has started! And what a nice one, three whole weeks! Woohoo! Enjoy that garden and all the sleeping you’ll get to do! 🙂

  4. Enjoy your vacation!

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