A little randomness from Saturday

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/orderly/

This is the perfect avoidance post – no order at all here!

We talked to the woman at the place we buy our coffee beans (Yoka’s) – she is a beekeeper as well – about an interesting beehive she is working with at her and her husband’s home on Pender Island.  I asked if I could take a picture of some of the parts she had in the shop, as well as of the pictures she had taken of the hive (film!!)  I can’t remember what this kind of beehive is called, but I thought it looked pretty cool.


Then later, some random shots of new things in the backyard

New fuschia


Almost-ripe cherries


New poppy poppin’


And finally, random Jasper and Elliot pictures…well, mostly Elliot (the first one is Jasper)






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  1. Always have to chuckle at the extreme close-up (one eye!) of either Elliot or Jasper.

    • I seem to get a lot of those. If they aren’t turning their backs on me, they are trying to see what this camera thing is all about…

  2. Have missed you and the great pics!

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