It’s a holiday!!

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

So, yesterday I didn’t take any pictures.  I know!  Crazy!  I was too busy making all kinds of ridiculous things for supper (I kind of went a little nuts).

Ok, the basics like garlic mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus (and salad), but then I also decided I needed to make (yes, “needed”!) eggplant parm (with a little zucchini thrown in), green bean and mushroom casserole (not the kind with mushroom soup, but gluten free from scratch), and a squash onion casserole.  They all turned out surprisingly ok.

And there are leftovers to feed Kevin and me for the rest of the week.  And isn’t that what you really want in life?  Leftovers?  Oh, and Kevin also BBQ’d some mean lamb.  Mom and Dad brought bread and dessert.  And everyone brought wine.

So, basically what I’m trying to say is that there was no time to think about taking pictures.  So, what I have for you today are some pictures I took at the Royal BC Museum when Kevin and I went to see Star Wars at the IMAX (it was sold out…doh!).  John Lennon’s 1965 Rolls-Royce Phantom V Touring Limo.  Pretty cool, eh?  I have no idea why the Royal BC Museum has this vehicle, so don’t ask.  It’s probably on the sign.

As for missing Star Wars, I’m ok with it.   I know everyone tells me it’s fantastic and I have to see it, but I am still not sure I want to know what happens to the characters I fell in love with in 1977 at the theatre.  A movie moment I will never forget. But, Kevin wants to see it, so we’ll get there eventually.

In the meantime, enjoy a pretty cool Rolls…





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  1. That’s really gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Love that limo! It’s so lemon — I mean, Lennon! 😀

  3. You know, I kind of dig the paint job on that Rolls!

    Glad you had a nice Easter. 🙂 Everything sounds delicious.

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