Workshop, Day 1

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Ever signed up for a 2 1/2 day workshop and then, a week before said workshop, wondered “why did I sign up for that workshop that is going to take me away from home (and Kevin and kitties) for 2 1/2 days and push me out of my comfort zone into an unknown realm of facilitation technique that may or may not be touchy-feely nightmares”?  I know – happens to everyone!

Well, I am here, and I am actually enjoying myself and find that I am learning things that might actually come in handy at work.  Yes indeed.  I won’t evangelize (because that would require that I actually write more…), and I am exhausted after only the first day (and I know that friend, family and colleagues will be skeptical and perhaps pooh-poohy), but these “liberating structures” things are actually quite interesting.

Ok, enough advertising.  You can look up Liberating Structures yourself and find out more if you’re into facilitation-type stuff.  I’m here to give you a glimpse into my day yesterday.  Enjoy 🙂

The views from the windows on either side of the second-floor space (floor to ceiling windows, I might add, which helps a lot when you’re in one place with 120 other people all day!):


Feb172016b Feb172016d


The ceiling


Assorted things I found interesting in the moment…




And now, it’s off to day two!

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  1. Yes, being in therapy-world, hands on is what we do. Getting hands-on with a bunch of strangers at a continuing ed. seminar is waaaayyyyyy outta my comfort zone. Nope, uh uh, not a fan. But, with a license to renew every year and CEU requirements to do so, I have to suck it up buttercup. 😕

  2. Yeah, I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I’m glad I am finding some useful things here. I am NOT a facilitator by trade so it’s all new to me, but also (much to my surprise) concrete and applicable – techniques that can be attached to actual, visible outcomes. Of course, the people who NEED to be at a session like this (leadership folks) DON’T come. Ain’t that always the way?

  3. Nice to read your post.

  4. Oh yes, I ask myself that all the time. For anything, really. So glad you’re enjoying yourself and getting useful things out of it.

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