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I’ve finally left Victoria.  But don’t worry.  Just for a few days, leaving Kevin behind cuddling with kitties and watching all my flowers bloom.  They better still be blooming when I get back!

I’m just across the pond, so to speak, at UBC for a workshop.   It will be intense I think, but hopefully I will get a few ideas out of it.

Anyway, here are a few shots from the traveling (AFTER the ferry trip) and the settling down yesterday:

Ok, this first picture is before I left, Elliot being cute even though he knew something was up.


The side trip to Burnaby




UBC – it’s break week here, which explains the ghost-town look.

Feb162016g Feb162016i


Feb162016j    Feb162016u

Settling in…not bad for a university hotel!


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  1. Love the one crossing the bridge. 😃

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