Family Day

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

So, yesterday was a holiday here.  Most provinces in Canada have a holiday in February named various things.  Here in BC, it’s Family Day.  Family Day hasn’t been around long in BC.  Other provinces have a February holiday because, well, it’s February in Canada and people are sick of cold and snow.  Here in BC, it was an election ploy on the part of our current Premier.  I guess so BC’ers didn’t feel left out from the rest of Canada, and would say, “Hey!  Cool Premier giving us a holiday in February!”  Didn’t make me vote Liberal (these are BC Liberals which is different from the federal Liberals, in case you were wondering “Hey, Canada’s new PM is Liberal, and he’s ok, right?”  Yes, he is.  But BC Liberals, not so much…)  Anyway, enough of politics.

Here’s, apparently, how we celebrate Family Day in downtown Victoria:


And now, random photos from a February holiday…

Crocus in the front yard (yesterday, there was one.  Today it’s an explosion out there!)


I don’t know what this building is, but I think it’s cool.


One of the cool doors on the Leg.


Scenes from the rose garden behind the Leg.  You can see how winter here can really get us down…

Feb82016i Feb82016j Feb82016k

And finally, Kitties!




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  1. Wow, it is interesting to know about different Holidays around the world. Thank you for sharing you pictures are lovely!

  2. Ooh that door! 😀

  3. I may be the only one- but that photo of the door is fantastic!

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