A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Yesterday (which was Saturday, in case any of you forgot) I took a lot of random pictures of random things.  I am trying to follow some words of wisdom from Katrina at Capture Your 365 ( around taking the time to notice.

Notice what, you might be thinking?  Notice anything, everything, whatever.  Objects, yes, but also light, texture, angles, details, up, down, you name it.  This, of course, means I will be taking a lot more pictures now (hopefully with more than just my iPhone), which also means I’ll be driving completely nuts anyone who happens to be with me while I stop endlessly to take pictures of random things.  Consider yourselves warned.

So, just for you, here are just a few of the random things I took pictures of yesterday (and kitties, of course)…lucky you guys!

Taken from the car as we were waiting in traffic.


Kevin’s clinic waiting area


Going up?


Sitting in the car as Kevin washed it…

Feb62016o Feb62016q

Don’t know why…


I looked up.


I also took a picture of the wine glass at dinner, but I’ve posted those kinds of pictures before.  So, now you know I drink more than just coffee and wine.


And, of course…



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  1. Good eye, I love all those pictures.

  2. I love taking random pictures, and it builds up, so you have what you need for a post! These of yours were very interesting! 🙂

  3. I’m sure the pictures you take will come in handy at some point. I have trouble remembering what I took, though, so have to browse through all of mine every day to find one that fits 😉

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