Sunday and Spring is Springing

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Clematis starting to pop, roses growing new leaves.  And some general view of the garden from the deck.  Now it’s really time to start planning the front yard (and get a couple more raised beds for the side!!)  It may only be February (tomorrow), but here, it’s Spring!!






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  1. And here in Colorado we’re supposed to have a foot and a half of snow by Tuesday!

  2. Thanks for sharing your spring. My area of Wisconsin is expecting 8-12 inches of snow and a blizzard on Tuesday. Oh yay! 😉

    • Sorry. There are some days I miss snow, but then I remember I had to shovel it and drive in it, and then I don’t miss it so much… Good luck, and stay safe and warm!

  3. Like your blog. I keep seeing your cat’s head and I that it was a Bengal head.

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