One final post for 2015

Before leaving 2015 behind, I have been reminded (by myself while looking through my December photos) that I never posted pictures of the Gingerbread House display (for Habitat for Humanity) that was set up at the Inn at Laurel Point during the Season.  So, without further ado, here they are – and have a wonderful New Year’s Eve.  See you in 2016!









Dec142015e  Dec142015qqq

Dec142015ee  Dec142015i

Dec142015ggg    Dec142015jjj






Dec142015yy Dec142015zz


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  1. Tremendous. Did they auction these off?

  2. MUPPETS!!!! Love that one. 🙂

    Australians are nearly always in awe of the gingerbread mastery that appears in the Northern Hemisphere Christmas period. It’s not much a tradition here. Probably because it’s extra challenging to build a gingerbread house in 40C heat.

    There were lots (and very impressive ones) that appeared at the Royal Agricultural Show in Melbourne we went to in September 2014, though. The weather would have been more kindly at that time of year, I guess.

    Warm greetings from 2016! (We’re well into it already.)

  3. Amazing creations!!! Who could eat such masterpieces?

    • Well, while we were told every part of these is/was edible, I think “edible” in quotes was more appropriate. I think you would not be expecting some of the flavours (garlic, etc.) if you bit into one…

  4. These are fantastic! I always made one with my daughter but was never as inventive as the ones you’ve photographed. They are gorgeous.

  5. Wow! What amazing Gingerbread houses! What a great idea. Marie

  6. I thought the gingerbread houses were all so creative and your pictures are terrific! I’m glad you posted them. I found it very difficult to choose the one to vote for. I’ve decided that next year I’ll take more than one envelope and donate a few times so I can honorably choose at least my top 5. 😉

  7. Wow! Those are so cool. I’m so glad I clicked through to the photos. Amazing.

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