So, this just happened.

23 kilometers away: 4.9 magnitude earthquake felt throughout the South Coast.  Kind of felt like a truck slammed into the front of the house.


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  1. Whoa! I’ve been through several natural phenomenon. Never really felt an earthquake though. Hope I never do. Hope all is well there.

    • The first earthquake I ever went through was in Ottawa, of all places. Everything here seems perfectly fine!

      • There’s a major fault near us, the New Madrid fault, but it’s not produced a measurable quake in my lifetime. I’ve heard about that feeling of the ground sliding under foot. Sounds like a bizarre sensation.

  2. Yikes…hope there are no after effects!

  3. I’m just across the sound from you and I’m so thankful we didn’t feel it here. Scary.

  4. Oh no! Hope you’re okay.

  5. Wow! Scary. It is said that earthquakes are Earth hiccups 🙂

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