Running for Bacon: Training Day 3

Late again with my training post!    From last Friday, here is my report on the Great Training for the Marathon Adventure, training day 3.  (Day 4 has just been completed a few minutes ago, but more on that tomorrow!)

I have to say, I’ve been lucking out with weather on my running days so far.  And also, since I’m working at home right now, I don’t have to wait until darkness to run which makes it much easier, both for running and taking pictures.  It was only a 4K jaunt (run 1 min, walk 1.5 min for 30 min + warm up and cool down), but it felt good, especially to get my first week of training done.

Here is some scenery from the final leg of the run.






The path up to the main road.


Looking back


On the way home – some Christmas spirit.



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  1. I love the plant. Is that some kind of variegated holly?

  2. Wow, beautiful photos of your run! Enjoy the rest of your training!

  3. It’s great that the weather and your work situation have conspired to give you a positive start to the training. It’s always hardest starting all over again from the beginning, I think.

  4. The view would motivate anyone to at least walk. Beautiful photos.

  5. This is a great way to stay motivated!

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