Christmas Advent Blog Adventure: day 11

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Welcome to Day 11 of the Great Advent Blog Adventure!  For today, the two topics I will explore are:

From the Christmas Postathon (  Favorite Christmas outing this year

And from the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (  Tell us about if and how you incorporate church activities into your Christmas celebrations and your memories of Christmases past.

Favourite Christmas outing this year?  Not sure yet.  We haven’t had any”outings” related to Christmas yet, but I am sure some will come (some fun, some stressful).  I think I am going to see gingerbread houses with mom and dad and my soon-to-be-visiting brother and sister-in-law…  I’ll report on that after it happens!

As for church, we used to go to church on Christmas Eve.  I used to sing every Christmas eve at the RCMP chapel (non-denominational, inclusive, and just a nice non-preachy service) in Regina – Oh Holy Night was the annually requested song.  I miss those days.  Nowadays I look for the It’s a Wonderful Life broadcast on Christmas Eve.  No church for us.  And let’s just leave it at that.

And now, some fun photos from yesterday.

The rainbow that appeared between rainstorms – it was only there for about 5 minutes (I got so lucky!)




And sleeping Elliot…

Dec102015d Dec102015e

“The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (ACCM) allows you to share your family’s holiday history twenty-four different ways during December! Learn more at”

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  1. How prefect is that rainbow and a star?!

  2. That first shot actually looks like a double rainbow!! Great shots…

  3. Love the rainbow and star combo – great shot!

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