Christmas Advent Blog Adventure: day 4

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Anyway, back to our Advent Calendar.  For today, the two topics I will explore are:

From the Christmas Postathon (  A Christmas book or story.

And from the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (  Christmas lights memories.

Today I’ll start with Christmas lights.  I already covered this yesterday from a “today” angle, but in terms of memories, my mom and dad never put up lights either (so I guess I come by it honestly).  They did, however, change out the front porch light for a green one.  I remember it being a lot dimmer than the regular light, but at least it was Christmassy!

As for a Christmas book or story, I don’t think I’ve read a lot of Christmas-themed books/stories.  In fact, sitting here trying to think of one, I am coming up almost blank.  The only one I remember is A Christmas Carol, which I read a long time ago (I’ve seen all the movies though, well, all the good ones anyway…)   So, over to you – what other Christmas books/stories are there out there and what should I be reading?

And now…a smattering of decorations and kitties.

Jazz Santas



Something apropos to our households…


What manger scene is complete without a pink flamingo?  Wait – why isn’t that a zombie flamingo?  Gotta do something about that…


And now, kitties.




“The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (ACCM) allows you to share your family’s holiday history twenty-four different ways during December! Learn more at”

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  1. Nothing says Christmas more than pink flamingos and kitties. Happy Advent!

  2. Number One Christmas book has to be Raymond Briggs’ “Father Christmas”. (And then “Father Christmas Goes On Holiday”)

  3. Your folks putting in that green light reminds me of the 70s, when people started doing that instead of doing house lights, because we were told we were going to run out of energy if we continued to put house lights up. The colored porch lights were like a way to rebel without rebelling, because porch lights are necessary, you know! 🙂

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