NaNoPoblano Day 28: The Americans have gone back to Murka

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt AND in non-avoidance of NaNoPoblano 2015

It was good to see my Cousin from Sequim, and my Aunt and Uncle (who actually live in New Hampshire, but were visiting my Cousin for that American Thanksgiving thing) yesterday (along with Mom and Dad – Kevin unfortunately had to work and was sad to miss everyone).  Turkey lasagne, asparagus, salad, gluten free bread, ice cream and sugar cookies, in case you were wondering.  As well as fizzy water, wine, and some fine local beer.

Also, no kitties escaped, which is kind of my current benchmark for a good day 🙂

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And now, on this frosty November morning, the march into the holiday/Christmas/festive season truly begins.

Nov202015b Nov202015e Nov202015f


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