NaNoPoblano Day 12: I can play Christmas music now!

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt AND in non-avoidance of NaNoPoblano 2015

So, it’s the day after Remembrance Day, which means I can start thinking Christmas now!  You know, playing Christmas music, getting Christmas cards ready (yes, I still mail Christmas cards), thinking about decorating, NOT worrying about Starbucks red cups…

Truth be told, I have already been playing Christmas music (for example, I’ve been playing it while I clean the house and when I make supper), but now I can play it more 🙂

Anyway, yesterday, being Remembrance Day, was a holiday for both Kevin and me, so we hung out together lazily for the day.  Then, feeling a bit like we should do something, he went outside and did a bit of cleaning in the garage and I cleaned the house.  It’s not really “spicy”, but it is always nice to have a clean house, even if it doesn’t stay clean for long!

The kitties appreciate it too…or probably they don’t much care as long as their litter boxes are clean and food dishes are full.






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  1. Love your cat! Reminds my of my two tabby cats growing up. We now have a black cat and she is proving to be useless with the mice in our new house!

  2. Super pictures, as always.

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