NaNoPoblano Day 9: A new week begins

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt AND in non-avoidance of NaNoPoblano 2015

It was hard getting up this morning, I don’t deny it.  We were out a bit later last night as the optical shop Kevin has his clinic in had their “Christmas” party last night (I use quotes because it isn’t Remembrance Day yet, and still feels a bit early for Christmas stuff…except for Christmas music which I confess I have been listening to as I make suppers and do chores – so sue me!)

Anyway, we were out later than usual, and definitely late for me since I get up a lot earlier than Kevin given that I start work earlier.  And then we had to watch The Walking Dead before bed (in case they told us anything about Glenn…which they didn’t…Damn them!!!).  So, the alarm this morning was a bit of a shock.  But I’m up and blogging, coffee in hand, and slowly waking up now.

So, the party last night was at the Sticky Wicket pub, which is part of the Strathcona Hotel downtown.





We could have walked (given that we live a 10 minute walk away), but it was rainy, and I’ve been sick, so we drove.  I decided I should be the driver designate since it was Kevin’s party.  So, it was one beer early on and then a fancy hot chocolate later for me.



The room was nice – I think it was called the Maplewood room, and I’m pretty sure it was because the bar and assorted wood trim is made of maple.  We were the first ones there, which was a little embarrassing since we are NEVER the first ones anywhere!  Hence the empty room in the pictures.





Nice chairs too.


Supper was an assorted buffet that was pretty good


And then they had everyone pick a gift from a selection of colourful piles.


This is me taking pictures – I don’t normally take selfies, but the reflection was kind of cool.


And then we went home to kitties, The Walking Dead (come on guys, is he alive or what??), and bed.



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  1. That last photo needs to be framed.
    I was irked about last night’s episode! And of course Maggie is knocked up. I wonder how long they’ll leave us hanging for?

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