NaNoPoblano Day 7: Back home

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt AND in non-avoidance of NaNoPoblano 2015

So, I’m home again.  It’s kind of like I never left.  But yesterday was jam-packed with workshop activities and then driving from downtown Vancouver to the ferry terminal (I never forget why I live in Victoria and NOT Vancouver), then on the ferry for a couple of hours before driving my companions home, and then finally me.  I do love driving, just not necessarily in traffic…in the rain…in the dark…

This was some of workshop day




And the view from the main room where the workshop took place (excuse the window glare…) – a dreary, rainy day, so probably a good day to be inside at a workshop.




And then, home at last…cozy in front of the fire (thanks Kev!)




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  1. There is no place like home…even if they do cook you dinner, clean the bathroom and make the bed! 😀

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