NaNoPoblano Day 5: Vancouver

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt AND in non-avoidance of NaNoPoblano 2015

So, here I am in Vancouver.  Survived the drive from the ferry terminal to downtown Vancouver, as did my passengers.  Today is Planning Meeting day, and tomorrow is the workshop.  Then back the way we came and home for the weekend.

Unfortunately I am on the 3rd floor, hence this view.



Not sure what this is below my window…


A pretty standard room (not very spicy!)




We trekked out to find a pub for dinner – given that it was game night (Vancouver played last night here in town), some places were pretty full so we ended up at the St. Regis Hotel’s Bar and Grill.




– the beer was good and the pizza not bad.



My companions (the same who braved the ferry and drive with me) tried the deep fried pickles (I can’t – I’m one of those gluten free types) and said they were not bad (maybe not as good as the reviews they read).  Don’t know.  Guess anything is open for deep frying (including sticks of butter, from what I’ve heard tell…)


Now it’s time to get myself up and ready for the walk to the meeting.  Not a very spicy day, I grant you, but I’ll see what I can spice up for tomorrow!

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  1. I’ve stayed at the St. Regis several times, it’s a lovely hotel. :).

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