The house retrospective: Day 11. The Foyer

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Sorry.  Another easy one today.  I know I’ve also been silent the past couple of days.  We had a lot of guest action here the past several days, and I needed a bit of recovery time.  Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, but a bit exhausting too!

Anyway, here it is:  the Foyer, or as we sometimes like to call it, the Lobby!

The foyer is one of the reasons we fell in love (or in serious like) with this house.  The floor-to-ceiling woodwork is all original, and there is a wood burning fireplace next to the little closet under the stairs. And original wood floors.

Here is the foyer the day we took possession.

foyer4 foyer3 Foyer2 Foyer1

Oh, and here is a closeup of that creepy Snow White mirror you can see in the picture. We still have this mirror, but now it’s hanging on the inside of the door in the closet under the stairs.


And here is the fireplace after I tossed the weird fake-dried flower arrangement.


And here is a picture of the scary-looking candelabra that was over the fireplace, and which is now over the fireplace in the den (because Kevin loves it).



Like the livingroom, we had to refinish the floors in the foyer because the tape that had held the rug in place was so stuck to the floor it could not be removed, in spite of hours and hours trying to get it off.





And here is a shot of the foyer the day we moved in.  Yes, we do have too much stuff!


And here it is today.  Literally, today!  There is really nothing left to do in this room, except for some wood cleaning/polishing.

Oct142015e Oct142015f Oct142015g

And finally, a view from the foyer into the living room showing our columns (and yes, this was at Christmas). It’s a little weird living in a house with columns inside…



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  1. All that wood is amazing!

    • We think so!! 🙂

      • Oh, when we were looking for our house we saw so many places with wood banisters and trim that had been painted over. Such a shame, and sooooo much work to strip. Yours is really great.

      • Thanks! We nearly hit a friend who said the first thing he would do if he bought this place was paint the foyer white. Sacrilege!!

      • Exactly! Our house is old and has really nice trim and door frames, etc. unfortunately, someone put white paint on all of it years ago. We have so many other projects, stripping paint isn’t happening. So we just freshen it up and go with it. We have done tongue and groove on every ceiling in the house. Not painting an inch of that.

  2. Anyone who would glue carpet to the floor should be executed.
    It was dimsal, eh, Em ? – very dimsal.
    Now it ain’t a bit dimsal, thanks to you two.
    Not sure about Kevin’s candelabra fetish … 😉

  3. This house is incredible! I know it was a b&b, but what was it before that? A church? It looks like a mansion. I love the columns, by the way.

  4. We once had to pull up layers and layers of glued flooring. My husband broke a wonderbar doing it! (Like the long $30 one, not the lil ones!) It was atrocious! So worth it though, once we got the tile down 🙂
    That wood work is to die for! I mean really, who has woodwork like that anymore? Stunning!

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