The house retrospective: Day 9. The Pantry

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

The Pantry – across the hall from the kitchen, and opens up into the dining room.

When we bought the house (the B&B that had been empty for 10 years) our pantry (which I am pretty sure was a pantry originally) was a bedroom. I don’t know how it was a bedroom, but here is a picture of it when it was.  Oh, and yes, it was pink.

Pantry2 Pantry1

So, first we cleaned it out and ripped up the (ugly green) carpet and then had the floors refinished.  Oh, and we also opened up the old doorway to the dining room which had been boarded over (and a mirror hung up over it).

Pantry3  Pantry4

Then we moved in.


Gradually we emptied the room again out and then painted it.  It’s not pink anymore.

Pantry6 Pantry7


We still need to paint the ceiling, fix the doorway to the dining room up, and add an actual light fixture, but since there isn’t a lot of closet/storage space on the main floor, having this set up as a pantry has been great.

Pantry10  Pantry11

Tomorrow I will cover the dining room – and even show it in action (since it is Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow)!

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  1. The things people do to houses ! – boarding up a door and hanging a mirror over it, for starters … Still, it does put nice changes on offer for the next people, eh, Em ?

    • Well, I guess it was all about creating a 6th bedroom for the B&B – it’s always about $$$. The house could have been screwed up SO much worse!!

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