We have visitors!

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We have guests at the old Edwardian Inn (in case you didn’t know, our house used to be a B&B – I’ve probably told you this story before, but I’ll dig it out again for the exterior house painting retrospective)!  Our old friends Jeremy and Beth (well, “old” meaning we’ve known them for a long time.  They’re not old – at least not as old as us…) from Regina are staying with us for a few days while they attend the Breakout West (http://breakoutwest.ca/) conference and perform with Belle Plaine (http://www.belleplainemusic.com/) at the conference, and as part of Rifflandia (http://rifflandia.com/) here in Victoria.  Plug here – Belle Plaine is great – check out some of her songs at her website.

Anyway, we actually won’t see much of Jeremy and Beth while they’re here, since they are here for a conference and for gigs and Kevin and I are both working today and tomorrow (sigh…).  But we’re hoping to hang a bit on the weekend and catch up before they head out for the final leg of their Western Canada tour.  Jeremy is the one whose wedding Kevin and I traveled to last summer (the travels of which I began to blog, and then stopped – I should really finish that set of posts.  Late or not, I have some great pictures from that particular Vacation.)

So, that’s the news here.  Aside from the fact that it’s beginning to feel a lot like fall now.  Which will mean more rain, chillier mornings, and knowing that in a month (or maybe 2) I can start listening to Christmas music.  Yes I can.

And now, this…







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